Study Tips: Time Management Guide

Effective time management is essential – you’re busy, and so you need good strategies to to be able to get important things done! The first step is to increase your awareness of how you’re actually spending your time. This way, you can get a sense of what activities you spend most of your time, and then you can evaluate if this makes sense according to your needs and priorities. Start by filling out the following Weekly Routine Worksheet (WRW) below.

Weekly Routine Worksheet (WRW)

Activity Hours
_____ Hours of sleep each night x 7 =  
_____ Hours spent grooming per day (shower, getting ready, etc.) x 7 =  
_____ Number of hours for food/meals/snacks per day x 7 =  
_____ Total travel time on a weekday x 5 =  
_____ Total travel time on a weekend x 2 =  
_____ Total hours per week for weekly meetings, regular functions such as for church, clubs, meetings, etc.  
_____ Total hours per week for errands, chores, other duties  
_____ Total hours you work per week  
_____ Total number of hours you are in class per week  
_____ Total number of hours of fun time (socials, movies, television, chatting online, video games, dates, sports, etc.)  
Subtract the above number from 168 – _______ = _______ hours  
This number is the much time you have left for studying! Is it enough? If not, you probably need to drop something.  

Surveying your daily routine

How many hours do you have remaining for studying? If this number seems too low, then you’re overbooked! You need to drop some things. Also beware of typical time-sinks and time thieves:

Things that steal your time

Other Time Management Tips

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